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November  2008
Honored with the 9th 「Literature Prize Award」from the Council for Cultural Affairs
  June  2008
Honored with the 「Annual Best Energy Saving Corporation」from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
March  2008
Honored with the 4th 「Corporate Social Responsibility Award-Gold Award of Conventional Industry」from the Global Views Monthly
June  2007
Recieve the Industrial Technology Innovation Achievement Award from the Development of Industrial Technology
  June  2007
Honored with the 〝Social Education Public Welfare Award〞from the Minister of Education
September  2004
December  2003
Opening ceremony of YULON Living City construction
November  2003
Receive the "Excellence is Services" award from CommonWealth Magazine, the value innovation of services has been recognized
November  2003
Celebrate YULON’s 50th Anniversary and China 30th Anniversary
November  2003
Open up the new era of TOBE, move forward to global market
October  2003
Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of YULON
October  2003
Finding of the Antique Cars, “Blue Bird” wins the Legend of 50th
September  2003
Island-wide road show of YULON Golden Woodcarving Awards
September  2003
Publish 50th Anniversary Edition
August  2003
Show respects to 86-years old Elephant Linwang, and sponsor solely of making Linwang's specimen at Taipei Zoo
June  2003
First sales of RELAULT "MEGANE".
May  2003
Announce the split of YULON Motor and enlarge the corporation with Nissan to increase the performance?
December  2002
Launch the first sport RV "X-TRAIL"
May  2002
Launch TOBE 5-commitments and bring up a brand new services concept in vehicle sales
September  2001
Launch recreation vehicle QRV
  July  2001
PDM system goes on-line, and becomes the first motorcar manufacturer with internationalized research integrated system implemented.
July  2001
Launch RENAULT “Scenic”
November  2000
Become RENAULT sole distributor in Taiwan
June  2000
Launch the all-new intelligent "SENTRA 180"
May  2000
Sign up the joint venture contract with Aeolus Goup, China, and move forward to China market
January  2000
Establish YULON Asia Parts Center (YAPC)
November  1999
Launch the first commercial vehicle "UDTRACK"
  October  1999
Announce the investment to Nissan Motor Philippines Corporate (NMPC) and move forward to Southeast Asia market
November  1998
Promote Engineering Center to be YULON Asia Technology Center (YATC)
October  1998
Receive the "National Quality Award" from the Executive Yuan
October  1997
Launch "VERITA" sedan
February  1996
Launch "CEFIRO" sedan
November  1995
Factory and office are centralized at the same location
March  1993
Launch "March" sedan
September  1992
Undertake a complete revision of Corporate Identification System (CIS)
December  1990
Launch "New SENTRA" sedan
October  1986
Launch the first designed & developed sedan car "Feeling 101" by our nation.
May  1983
The first nation built small sedan "Sunny" exported to Mid-East & Caribbean area
May  1981
The first stage construction of Sanyi Plant is completed and production begins.
March  1960
Launch YLN-701 1200c.c "Blue Bird" Sedan, the first vehicle manufactured in the country.
December  1957
Sign up technical collaboration agreement with Nissan.
October  1956
Successfully manufacture first jeep and launch to public on Oct. 10th (National Double-Ten) festival.
October  1953
Sin-Tien new workshop is established.
September  1953
Mr. Yen Ching-Ling establishes the YULON Machinery C., Ltd. with the aim of "Using Generators to Save the Nation". The company capital is NT$2,000,000.


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