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With the aim of "Using Generators to Save the Nation", the founder of the company Mr. Ching-Ling Yen established the company on September 10, 1953. Under the superior leadership of Mr. Yen, the company has not only built up a solid and concrete foundation of automobile industry for our nation but also lead the development of related industries and makes a remarkable contribution for the progress and prosperity of our society. Mrs. Vivian Wu was elected by the board of chairmen to be the 2nd chairperson of our company after the founder Mr. Yen died on March 20, 1981.

In the beginning, YULON was named "YULON Machinery Co., Ltd", and the business scope included machinery manufacturing and sales. YULON signed up a technical collaboration agreement with Nissan in February 1957, and changed the name to be "YULON Motor Co., Ltd" and officially manufactured sedan and commercial truck.

From 1961 to 1980, the economy of Taiwan started to bloom, the average income of the citizen was over 2,000 US dollars a year and the automobiles market scale had reached 150,000 cars a year. With the assistant programs & policy from the government, YULON started to expand production capacity and open up the automobiles・ market in Taiwan and took the lead of the entire development of automobiles・ industry in Taiwan.

From 1981 to 1990, the economy of Taiwan grew rapidly, the average income of the citizen was over 10,000 US dollars a year and the automobiles market scale had reached 350,000 cars a year. In order to build up car design capability in Taiwan, YULON established the Sanyi manufacturer and engineering center in 1981, to bring in the most recent production technologies, to purchase production equipments and to train production experts. "Feeling 101" was launched in 1986 and was the first motor vehicle designed and manufactured by our nation in Taiwan. "Give the R. O. C. its own wheel".

From 1990 till now, the economy of Taiwan has become internationalized and freedom, the average income of the citizen is even reached 13,000 US dollars a year, the automobiles market scale has reached 400,000 to 500,000 cars a year and YULON has set up a new standard of business management and competition among traditional industries. In order to be adapted the entering to WTO of our nation in the near future that will result in bringing all imported cars to our local market, YULON moved Taipei headquarter, Taoyuan engineering center, and Sin-Tien factory to Sanyi. By centralizing all workplaces, YULON was able to reduce the cost of communication, reform company organization, reconsolidate corporate resources as well as increase the competitiveness. The benefit and efficiency of "workplace centralization" is quite remarkable and has been well recognized and duplicated by the others.

In order to meet the challenge of current tough market situation and after the upgrade of engineering center to YULON Asia Technology Center (YATC) in November 1998, YULON used :three circles strategy; to start the third wave of corporate restructuring, and with our new corporate culture of "Innovation, Speed, and Teamwork" to reach the optimal new vision of "The Leader of Moving Value Chain in the Ethnic Chinese Auto Market". Responding to the globalization of business strategy, YULON had moved the parts center from Chu-pa to Sanyi plant and built up YULON Asia Parts Center (YAPC) in year 2000 to be the logistics center of Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong. In 1999, YULON announced the investment to Nissan Motor Philippines Corporate (NMPC) and moved forward to Southeast Asia market. In addition, in order to enforce the product lines, YULON signed a formal alliance agreement with RENAULT and became RENAULT sole distributor in Taiwan in year 2000.

On May 20th, 2003, YULON Motor and NISSAN Motor had a co-announcement, YULON Motor split to two independent companies; one is YULON Motor Co., Ltd. and the other one is YULON-NISSAN Motor Co., Ltd. YULON will aim to produce 120,000 cars in Taiwan and fulfill the goal of becoming the center of manufacturing service. The goal of YULON・s automobile business is to provide the moving convenience to the consumers, and in the same time, to increase the customer-made products as well as to develop the business of automobile accessories and peripherals market. By assisting NISSAN in designing, researching and manufacturing, and by more collaboration with NISSAN, YULON-NISSAN will be able to anticipate NISSAN・s operation in the Mainland China・s auto market and reach the goal of selling 550,000 cars in 2006 and increase to 900,000 cars by 2009. In the future, YULON group will continue the faith of "Keep the root in Taiwan, look forward the market in Mainland China and international market", and make the best effort to pursuit the vision of "become the biggest automobiles group among ethnic Chinese market".


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