Professional Manufacturing Services


●3kW High-power solid-state laser which can continuously emit the energy of 3kW

●Rich experience in the welding of battery module busbar (0.3~2.5mm)

●Assist the customer in optimization of welding parameters

●The capacity of batteries assembly and testing


【Major Production Equipment】

For OEM of laser welding, we adopt the German Trumpf solid-state laser welding equipment offering concentrated heat input and small heat-affected area, as well as continuously emitting energy with high power. This equipment is suitable for iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium materials, which is a breakthrough from the general low-power YAG and conventional CO2 lasers, which can make special metal materials welding easily. This equipment can also be used for busbar bridging of prismatic batteries, and the welding of copper and aluminum materials to reduce the risk of overheating of batteries.

The laser welding machine adopts programmable gantry and rotating B-axis, as well as the base for rotating C-axis to achieve five-axis welding processing, which can improve the flexibility and degree of freedom of welding and simultaneously ensuring accuracy to reach mass production with consistent quality.

The path ranges and related specifications of the laser welding machine are shown as below:


In addition to welding OEM, we are also specialized in the OEM of battery welding and assembly, and able to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

●Welding parameter search and optimization

●Battery module welding fixture service (designing > contracting > investigation and research)

●We have a universal tensile Machine in the factory, which can complete the destructive testing to welding.