About Yulon Motor

  • Mission

    Painstaking Efforts and Carrying Forward

    When Taiwan was still in the slow development of agricultural society in 1942, The Yulon Motor founder Mr. Yen Ching-ling, holding an engineering degree from Technical University of Berlin in German, already embraced the strong sense of mission in “Motor Capacity.” Under the barren environment that was scarce in all conditions such as talents, technologies, funds, and the market, Mr. Yen defied all hardship and difficulties to expedite the development of Taiwan's automobile industry.

    In agriculture-based economy system, where there was not even any demand for automobiles in Taiwan and the situation was difficulty. However Founder Yen never gave up. In the period of nearly 30 years under his leadership, Yulon Motor pioneered in the capital and technology intense automobile industry as a forerunner and subsequently experienced severe loss for 9 years in a row. Nonetheless Yulon Motor still managed to produce the first jeep through a successful attempt during this period. Yulon Motor also signed cooperative contracts with peer industries from U.S. and Japan, which not only became the first overseas authorized company to from NISSAN to produce automobiles but produces various automobile components to eventually improve the self-manufacturing rate of Taiwan automobiles.

    Beginning of 1971, the 100,000-th automobile produced by Yulon Motor just rolled off the assembly line and Founder Yen was busy in establishing the foundation for the center-satellite system of automobile industry. Founder Yen purchased the 350-hectare land in Sanyi Township, Miaoli County in attempt to centralize the production of all satellite factories in order to boost the efficiency. The arduous process of Taiwan's automobile industry from scratch to development has aspired Founder Yen with extraordinary perseverance and boldness but also depleting his mentality and physical strength meanwhile. Unfortunately Founder Yen broke down from constant work and passed away when the factory project in Sanyi was halfway built.

    The New York Times reported him in the follows: “Mr. Yen Ching-ling founded the automobile industry under the impossible and unbelievable conditions and criteria. He has assembled wheels to the free Republic of China, Taiwan.” This new report not only serves as the most representative description of founder Yen but also in fact the best reflection of Yulon's corporate life course.

  • Breakthrough

    Establishing Independent Research and Development Capabilities in Auto

    After founder Yen passed away, Madam Vivian Shun-wen Wu single-handedly took over the major responsibility in operating Yulon Motor. She intently devoted in the extension of founder Yen's goals of struggle in attempt to “assemble the wheels of Chinese.” At the time, regardless of the improvement of self-manufacturing rate, the automobile industry in Taiwan at the time was still constrained by foreign makers; to help Taiwan's automobile industry develop, independent branding is still one indispensable party. In view of this, Madam Vivien Shun-wen Wu on one hand speeded up the pace to develop automobile industry by taking actions in promoting whole-car R&D projects and investing in stamping, molding, common engine and other key components. On the other hand, Madam Wu invested hefty sum of NTD2 billion in the introduction of talents by founding the “Yulon Engineering Center,” which formed the first modern automobile R&D center for the Cross-Strait automobile industry and subsequently laid the critical cornerstone for Yulon's future development of automobile brands. Yulon Engineering Center released its first “Feeling 101” with car body designed by Taiwanese in 1986, hitting a new record for the Chinese automobile industry. Although the product still had much room for improvement on the first release, it was truly a critical step in terms of fostering automobile design talents and boosting the confidence in Taiwanese people.


    Determing to Undergo Corporate Reengineering

    During the time, Yulon Motor not only devoted in the R&D but also re-built the sales and maintenance market network on a massive scale, in attempt to equip Yulon with the scale of a whole-car factory. In midst of the trends for freedom and internationalization and after eventually after Former Chairman Kenneth, K.T. Yen took over the business; he was profoundly aware of the urgency for reforms and determined to undergo corporate reengineering. In a series of reforms and innovation process, Yulon Motor first strengthened its cooperation with Nissan by taking initiative in introducing new car models suitable for Taiwan in addition to improving the self-manufacturing rate of components, improving quality and reducing costs. On the other hand, Yulon Motor underwent organization streamlining to improve the operation process and implement factory centralization in order to cohere consensus and improve management efficiency.

    After years of efforts, NISSAN CEFIRO, SENTRA and other models have created remarkable sales performance drawing more market recognition for Yulon Motor, which turned loss into profits. From then on, the management guidelines of Yulon Motor emphasize more on the total value and transform from “production oriented” to “market oriented,” offering consumers with multi-dimensional services including automobile car loan, lease, insurance, and second hand sales. The added value of products will be comprehensively improved to expand the operation performance.

    Yulon Motor cut off all means of retreat and was determined to hard achieve the mission of creating automobile self-owned brand for Taiwan. In 2008, LUXGEN Motor Co., Ltd. was established to shape product differentiation with automobile intelligent technology, dedicating to Taiwan while reaching out to mainland China market.


    Madam Yen Chen Li-Lien inherited the unfinished vocation and led Yulon Motor keeping moving ahead

    She inherited the vocation of developing automobile Self-owned brand and led all colleagues to keep working hard and realizing the dream of producing self-owned brand automobile under a sound corporate governance system and established operational trajectory.

  • Challenges

    Leader of Auto Moving Value Chain in Chinese Marketplace

    “Leader of Auto Moving Value Chain” is the operational vision of Yulon Motor. In view of the automobile industry over one hundred years, the factors have focused on selling cars to consumers. However, consumers buying cars is not the ultimate purpose. Car purchase is intended for moving while moving is the real purpose for consumers. Consumers therefore have the needs for mobility process and the purpose of mobility, which process requires much information related to food, clothing, housing, mobility, and entertainment. Subsequently Yulon integrates mobility tools, mobility process and the purpose of mobility into the “Moving Value Chain,” known as the vision of Yulon Motor.

  • Business Reengineering

    • To keep up pace with times, Yulon Motor has undergone multiple stages of corporate reengineering. Between 1994~1998, Yulon Motor rose from the ashes through the strategy of “factory and office integration, process reengineering” and differentiation.” Between 1999~2003, Yulon Motor focused on the “Big Three Circle Strategy” and applied corporate culture of “innovation, speed and team” to incorporate with internationalization. In 1999, Yulon Motor invested in the factory of Nissan Philippines to officially launch its access to the Southeastern markets. In November 2000, Yulon Motor signed contract with Renault Autos to acquire the official exclusive agency for Renault cars in Taiwan. To cope with the intensely competitive auto market and to seek for the opportunities of corporate sustainable management and development, Yulon Motor split into two independent companies, Yulon Motor and Yulon Nissan in May, 2003. Where, Yulon Motor becomes the comprehensive and professional automobile OEM company to realize the vision of manufacturing service industry while Yulon Nissan focuses on the management of NISSN brand for the business in Taiwan and Asia, in addition to expanding its cooperation with NISSAN by participating in the operation of automobile market in China.

  • Manufacturing Services

    • Yulon Motor has transformed from conventional manufacturing company since some 50 years ago to manufacturing services. The company extends its service system from previous management system to offer services for all automobile brands. Moreover, Yulon Motor cooperates with government policies to invest in IA projects, integrating IT and automobile industry, which not only improve the international competitiveness of automobile industry but also assists the IT industry to access the automobile electronic components market, forming a competitive advantage of Taiwan's automobile IA. These innovations and services have brilliant prospects for Yulon and even the future development of Taiwan industries.

    • The automobile market changes almost instantaneously with intense competition. Yulon Motor has long takes challenges and stress through the mentality of proactive learning. Yulon Motor upholds to the global view of “Focus on Taiwan with Projection to the World,” to retain the most essential and important R&D technology and resources in Taiwan. In view of the excess capacity and intense competition faced by the global automobile industries, the big manufacturers worldwide have shifted to the trends of M&A reengineering, strategic alliance, joint development, joint marketing channel, and other global division of work systems. The future development of Yulon Motor will constantly require the capability of independent R&D and design in attempt to play a key participant role in the international division of work system of technical partners. These participations, including the joint development of Asian cars or global car models with technical partners, regional spare parts supplement, expanding economic scale, and reducing spare parts and whole-car costs, will ultimately improve the company's competitiveness.

  • Company Overview

    Ticker Symbol 2201
    Industry Category Automobile Industry
    Company Name YULON MOTOR CO.,LTD
    Address No. 39-1, Bogongkeng, Xihu Village, Sanyi Town, Miaoli County,
    Main Phone Number 037-871801
    Fax Number 037-874790
    Chairman Yen Chen Li-Lien
    President Chen-hsiang Yao
    Spokesperson Wen-Yi Steven Lo
    Title of Spokesperson Vice President
    Phone of Spokesperson 037-871801 ext.2901
    Deputy Spokesperson Hsun-Kuei Hsieh
    Main Business Scope Automobile Components
    Repair, maintenance, property and others
    Establishment Date 1953/9/10
    Government Uniform Invoice Number 03489200
    Paid-in Capital NTD10,000,000,000
    IPO Date 1976/7/8
    Par Value of Common Stock NTD10.0000
    Number of Common Shares Issued or Number of TDR Shares Issued 1,000,000,000 shares (including 0 shares of private fund)
    Stock Transfer Agency Stock Affairs Division, YULON MOTOR CO.,LTD
    Address of Stock Transfer 7F, No. 150, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Road, Taipei City
    Telephone 02-25156421
    CPA Firms Deloitte & Touche
    Certified Public Accountant 1 Li-Wen Guo
    Certified Public Accountant 2 You-Wei Fan
    Preferred Stocks Issued by Yulon Motor None
    Corporate Bond Issued by Yulon Motor None
    English Abbreviation YL
    Complete English Name YULON MOTOR CO.,LTD
    Email Address 2201_01@yulon-motor.com.tw
    Company Website www.yulon-motor.com.tw
    Stakeholders Page
    Name Before Change Yue Loong Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Abbreviation Before Change None
    Approval Date for Change of Company Name 1976/7/8
    Type of Financial Report Prepared ■ Consolidated □ Separate
    Plant Topography Vertical, about 3 kilometer long and 275 hectares in area