Professional Manufacturing Services


We have developed a flexible production model for the manufacturing of multiple brands. Our production lines are able to simultaneously carry out mixed production of more than 10 models not at the expense of quality, cost, and delivery date, which could improve products and service differentiation and satisfy the market and consumer needs, as well as enhancing overall manufacturing service competitiveness.

In 2019, we introduced the European chassis model production line to improve the accuracy of chassis assembly, provide a labor-friendly working environment, and support the integrated assembly design and construction methods of European chassis models.


【Production Capacity】

●Passenger car production line: 45,000 units per year in the single-shift mode

●SUV production line: 14,000 units per year in the single-shift mode


【Major Production Equipment】

●Automatic Equipment:
For gasoline filling, brake oil filling, water filling, refrigerant filling, power pump oil filling, and windshield adhesive spraying. It is able to ensure consistent quality, generate production history, reduce labor fatigue, and achieve the function of foolproof operation.

●Assembly line conveyor equipment:
For engine assembly, finished product assembly, door assembly, seat transportation, tire assembly and transportation. The split modular production line combined with the information system can integrate each module to assemble the final product, allowing the operators to have enough space for operation and transportation to increase the overall output.

●European Model Chassis Assembly Line:
It has a chassis sub-assembly line, chassis pallet automatic storage device, and integrated chassis assembly workstation. It is compatible with modular chassis vehicle design, which can improve chassis assembly accuracy, reduce labor fatigue, and provide a labor-friendly working environment.

●Quality Management Equipment:
It has a servo gun, devices of airtightness inspection, function check electrical inspection, wheel alignment, headlight adjustment, sideslip test, speed test, brake test, and active safety equipment test. It is able to ensure that the assembly quality and function of the finished product are normal, generate the production history, and prevent the delivery of defective products.


【Production Methods】

The vehicle assembly workshop mainly adopts assembly line production, with the synchronous material distribution system, assistance by automatic assembly equipment, solid education and training of multi-station assembly, we can achieve flexible production of multiple brands and vehicles using the mixed line.


【Quality Assurance】

We mainly adopt the IQM system to receive all production information generated from the process to avoid the delivery of defective products. For every single vehicle, it needs to pass 217 quality CTQ inspection items. We now have invested in 393 items of hardware and 423 pieces, and nearly 7,000 pieces of quality information are required to be managed daily. By using IQM integrated control, we can record and display all of the information as an electronic history record for each finished product, which would further express the dedication and responsible of our Sanyi Factory for prudent management of product quality.