Professional Manufacturing Services


We have years of rich experience in the planning and being an OEM of body assemblyt using RSW (Resistance Spot Welding), gas welding (MAG,MIG) and other processing techniques for parts and body assembly. We are also able to assist in production line planning and fixture design, digital simulation of engineering, in which shareable production line is the main feature. Hence, we can achieve the goal of reducing development cost by integrat product features and conveyor equipment design. We also provide production line planning, fixture design, digital simulation and many other relevant services.


Production Capacity

Production line in YL can be flexibly adjusted based on customer orders and market demands, and is combined with multiple Sub Lines for integrating various transportation solutions to the Main Line. It can also transfer processed products to the Robot automatic line, which supports up to 4 model types in production line.


Major Production Equipment

Seven-axis 165kg~400 kg robot, mid frequency direct current spot welding (MFDC), handyscan 3D equipment, automatic coordinate measuring machine (CMM), Portable measuring arms, and portable ultrasonic flaw detector.


Production Methods

We adopt a multi-model shareable platform integrated with robot, spot welding equipment, conveyor equipment, hoist, and electromechanical integration, etc. This is a platform able to carry out the production of multiple sets of different products, which has the advantage of saving investment on equipment.

●Parts OEM Services:

a.The mid frequency direct current spot welding combined with is the seven-axis robot can improve the stability and accuracy of spot welding.

b.The digital simulation is adopted to plan Robot path & OLP off-line programming for the proposal of the best configuration optimization solution and manufacturing feasibility assessment.


Quality Assurance

Spot Welding Quality: Each lot of parts and components has its corresponding rigorous process control, quality inspection and records. Spot welding quality inspection adopts screwdriver test and inspection using ultrasonic test to spot welding. All of our inspector have completed the training by the OBM technicians and certificated.

●Dimensional Accuracy of Parts: The 3D handyscan is used to scan and analysis, which can quickly obtain product variation for further analysis and countermeasures when there is any abnormal quality.


Digital Simulation System

●Digital Simulation of Production Equipment:We can optimize the layout of production equipment, equipment and operator working hours & operation feasibility assessment, and reduce the failure cost of installation and commissioning, etc. based on the CAD models and requirements provided by the customers.

●ROBOT simulation:We use Robot simulation to verify whether the Robot specification and layout are appropriate, and carry out precise positioning and path teaching. After confirming the correctness, we would use OLP off-line programming to export results to the Robot to replace the physical test and secondary construction costs during non-production periods.

●Tools/Fixtures Design:We are able to propose CAD model design solutions and structure CAE analysis based on customer needs.