Professional Manufacturing Services


With the development of global supply chain models and the trend of smart manufacturing, the engine factories are already equipped with the mixed-model production structure, which could respond quickly and flexibly in production. With the digital guidance system for material transportation and replenishment, we can correspond to a production model of HMLV (high-mix, low volume). ERP and MES systems are responsible for operating production information and could be integrated and applied with the whole factory in real time for further development towards smart production mode.


【Production Capacity】

●Area of engine production lines: 2,080 m2

●Maximum production capacity: 55,000 units/year (in single-shift mode)

●Products: Engines for LUXGEN, NISSAN and various brands

●Major product types: 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder and various types of gasoline engines


【Production Methods】

Our production equipment is divided into five categories depending on their purposes.

●Parts supply: AGV, RGV and Robot to separately supply 10 types of engine parts.

●Bolt locking: multi-axis automatic locking machine, which provides torque detection and digital management of more than 120 types of data.

●Visual identification: Identification system is applied to piston parts, cylinder parts, engine serial number items.

●Finished product inspection: The quality of the engine is inspected by digital test equipment. The inspected items vary from 250 to 400 ones depending on the model design.


【Production Methods】

Our production line is divided into 6 blocks by their function, where the production and inspection processes are carried out simultaneously to correspond to product demand and model changes for the flexible production of more than 10 types of products. Our major processes use fully automatic and semi-automatic equipment structured by the Internet of Things.


【Quality Assurance】


●Application of SPC system for parts and process data

●Engine IQM management system

●Quality control of production line operation process

●Digitalized visual dynamic quality mechanism