Professional Manufacturing Services


●Molds maintenance management using QR-Code, which allows real-time inquiry to incoming/stock out status

● Able to design specific maintenance plans based on industrial characteristics

● The cloud platform available for supporting different types of handheld devices

● Able to generate the complete maintenance history of molds


In order to solve the headaches of the industry, we have established a set of big data by installing sensors on manufacturing equipment, collecting signals such as sound, vibration, force, temperature, and light, etc., which could generate visualized charts and automatically notify production line staff of abnormalities immediately for shutting down and repairing. By integrating information communication and the Internet of Things technology to enhance the transparency of plant equipment, we enable real-time access to equipment information as well as monitoring of various facilities of factories.

Yulon Motors has accumulated years of experience in mold maintenance, and is able to integrate the actual production results to generate daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly sorted maintenance plans, which could replace the convention paperwork and properly archive historical records for future inspections and cross-analysis of data to form the optimized plan for utilization/maintenance.


Yulon Motors adopts experience learned from its own equipment hardware/ICT software integration to develop solutions that could be applied to various fields. We have assembled the experts, equipment, and customer service resources needed in various fields to resolve the headaches that have been difficult to overcome for a long time in actual site practice.

  • √ The professional software team to assist customers in searching and optimizing solutions.
  • √ The optimized computer facilities and cloud communication platform to provide customers with the most beneficial cost solution (including outright purchase, cloud space leasing, and periodic subscription services).
  • √ Site visits to the factory to share our experience of AIoT application performance and factory intellectualized improvement.