Professional Manufacturing Services


●Professional Painting for Vehicle Bodies which achieves high-quality anti-corrosion capacity and provides bright and beautiful appearance.

●Available for multiple models and colors by using mixed-line production.


【Production Capacity】

Maximum annual production capacity: 60,000 units/year in the single-shift mode (JPH: 30 units).


【Major Production Equipment】

●Full dipping pretreatment/ED equipment

●Electrostatic automatic sprayer

●ROBOT sprayer


【Production Methods】



● The vehicle body will undergo a full dipping process, and be treated with the inorganic phosphate films and electroplated with the high anti-corrosion and lead-free ED primer to achieve the possibly best anti-corrosion capacity at the inner/outer sheet metals and chassis.




● We can seal the overlap of the sheet metals to achieve ideal water tightness, anti-corrosion, dust-free, and sound insulation.

● We apply the high-foaming undercoating to the chassis to achieve the effects of anti-corrosion, sound insulation, and anti-projectile collision, and improve the driving comfort.




● We introduce high anti-ultraviolet paint and combine it with automatic and ROBOT sprayer to improve the weather resistance capacity and bright and beautiful appearance of the coating material.

● By using the control module, we can provide a total of 24 colors, which further achieve the flexible mixed-line production providing multiple vehicle body colors.



  ● We can provide further treatment for painting issues.


【Other Features】

●An electrophoretic deposition may be applied to objects of different shapes and sizes to achieve the same effects of anti-corrosion.

●Each of our production lines can correspond to different materials, such as aluminum alloy, high-temperature resistant plastic parts, high tension steel, and hot stamping sheet parts, etc.

●Two-tone Spraying: We have developed a low-cost spraying method for different Two-tone parts (roof, front pillars, rear pillars, and tailgate, etc.). The collocation of colors of Two-tone could also be diversified, and a variety of vehicle models (Kicks, URX, U6) have been introduced for mass production.