Professional Manufacturing Services


We started the power lithium battery PACK packaging business in 2008. With the growth of demand for self-owned brands, we have successively gained experience in the battery pack packaging for five types of vehicle models. We have successfully assembled packaged products including power batteries with a power capacity of 18kWh, 33kWh, and 40kWh, as well as the energy storage equipment of 225kWh, etc.

As of recently, we have packaged and produced approximately 420 battery packs which are being used in vehicles sold in the Taiwanese market, and the pack’s cumulative operation mileage has reached 7 million kilometers.

We started to offer laser welding services in 2019. By using 3kW laser welding equipment, we can start packaging services for cell poles. For details, please refer to the introduction of laser welding foundry services for battery modules.


【Production Capacity】

●Our integrated production line can produce power lithium batteries of 9900kWh/year, and energy storage lithium batteries of 1,107MWh/year

●Flexible production line planning: Due to the large differences among types of lithium battery packaging, we can provide line production planning services for specific products of customers for flexibly meeting various production needs and satisfying the greatest customer expectations.


【Major Production Equipment】

  • ●HIOKI BT4560 battery pack impedance analyzer

    Voltage measurement:
         Measurement range: 5.0000 V (single range);

         Measurement time: 0.1s (Fast)~1.0 s (Slow)


    Impedance measurement:
        Measured parameters: R, X, Z, θ

        Measured frequency: 0.1 Hz~1050 Hz
        Measurement range: 3.0000 mΩ, 10.0000 mΩ, 100.000 mΩ

        Testing current: 3 mΩ Range: 1.5 Arms,

                                    10 mΩ range: 500 mArms,

                                    100 mΩ range: 50 mArms



    ●AeroVironment 170kW high-power supply device

    Voltage range: 8~420V

    Current range: -320~+265A

    Power range: -170~+125kW

    Power factor: >99%

    Total harmonic distortion: <3%THD; in compliance with IEEE 519 requirements



【Production Methods】

●Cell screening equipment:

By using HIOKI BT4560 to perform cell sweep frequency (0.1Hz~1kHz) analysis and establish data, we can quickly distinguish and categorize cell levels to ensure the overall consistency among all cells.

●Assembly test equipment:
By using this equipment, we carry out the three-stage test of mechanic function test, load dynamic test, and battery capacity test to ensure the quality of finished products, and their functions, dark current, and other performance required by the customers.