Professional Manufacturing Services


● Real-time health status report

● Warning of abnormalities of key parts

● Information of battery packs maintenance and health trends

● ​Daily checking and smart scheduling of routine maintenance


This platform provides real-time health status information of key parts of forklifts, including the those which users care about the most such as health status of the battery packs, the lubrication by hydraulic fluids, the implementation of daily checking by the keepers, the automatic generation of routine maintenance plans and sending notifications and active alarms upon the detection of abnormal indicators.


By using system management, the Headquarter can comprehend vehicle utilization information, valid and invalid operations, maintenance scheduling, dispatch lists, and list closures, which can replace the convention paperwork and properly archive historical records for future inspections and cross-analysis of data to form the optimized plan for utilization/maintenance.


Yulon Motors adopts experience learned from its own equipment hardware/ICT software integration to develop solutions that could be applied to various fields. We have assembled the experts, equipment, and customer service resources needed in various fields to resolve the headaches that have been difficult to overcome for a long time in actual site practice.


  • √ The professional software team to assist customers in searching and optimizing solutions.
  • √ The optimized computer facilities and cloud communication platform to provide customers with the most beneficial cost solution (including outright purchase, cloud space leasing, and periodic subscription services).
  • √ Site visits to the factory to share our experience of AIoT application performance and factory intellectualized improvement.