About Yulon Motor

In January 2009, Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. announced the official establishment of LUXGEN brand, which integrates the two properties, namely Luxury and Genius. The name of the brand in Chinese is infused with smartness and agility, known as “Na Zhi Jie (LUXGEN).” The establishment of LUXGEN not only marks the key milestones in the development of Taiwan’s automobile industry but also the critical moment for Yulong Motor to realize its dream in “installing wheels for Chinese.”

To expand the future path for the sustainable management of LUXGEN brand, Chairman Kenneth, K.T. Yen recruits elites and talents from different areas of the automobile industry. When Hua-chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co., Ltd. was established in December 2005, the Ministry of Economic Affairs proposed the “Industry Independent Technology Construction Project” plan to strengthen Taiwan’s competitiveness in the vehicle industry, in accordance with the conclusion reached at the 2005 Strategy Review Board. Consequently, Yulon Group formed a joint venture with HTC, EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. and other IT companies in Taiwan to establish “Industry Independent Technology Construction Project.” The company establishes vertical integration through industry and strategic alliance in addition to introducing Taiwan advantage ICT to set up a cross-industry independent R&D platform with dominance in systematic module. Yulon Group has initiated the industry independent development of self-owned brand based on this “Industry Independent Technology Construction Project” since 2006.

In spite that LUXGEN was recently established in 2009, its ambition to access the top global market is considerably strong. Soon after the brand was established, different car models were launched by schedule to enrich the range of product lines. In August, 2009, LUXGEN released its first product, Luxgen 7 MPV. By the end of 2009, the MPV based Luxgen & CEO was released with appeal to the business market. Moreover, Luxgen 7 SUV was released in May, 2010 and Luxgen 5 Sedan was released by the end of July in 2012.

As the first automobile brand of Taiwan, LUXGEN does not limit its horizon on the Taiwan market but proactively expands outward. Not only did LUXGEN exhibit at the Dubai International Motor Show at the second half of November in 2009 but also has been exported to various countries successfully, broadening the horizon of projection in the world market.

LUXGEN also included electric vehicles at the early stage of developing three new car models. The R&D is in synch because of the considerable establishment of foundation for electric vehicle related technology and parts industries. In response to the global trends in energy saving and carbon reduction, Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. is determined to concurrently develop zero-emission and zero-pollution smart electric cars by integrating its existing foundation in Taiwan to subsequently form the industry chains and industry clusters for electric vehicle.

In September 2009, LUXGEN formally released its electric vehicle Luxgen EV+ to the press in Yulon Motor San-Yi Plant. This model is a Luxgen7 MPV based vehicle, integrated by HAITEC of the technologies from domestic related electric component industries, including power control management and batteries. The pilot vehicle model comes with an electric motor of 150kW output power, 200hp and 225Nm maximum output, which could reach up to 145km/h. The acceleration from speed 0 to 100 kilometer takes about 9.4 seconds with maximum range reaching 300 kilometer (navigating at speed 40 KM/hour). Later at the 2010 “Taipei International Auto Show” LUXGEN not only exhibited Luxgen EV+ but also released two more models of electric vehicles, Luxgen7 SUV EV+ and Luxgen7 CEO EV+. In July of the same year, Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. Chairman Kenneth K.T. Yen and Executive Yuan Premier Wu Den-yih at the time co-hosted the official licensing ceremony for three models of LUGEN electric vehicles, revealing the historic chapter of Taiwan electric vehicles.